Sunday, March 5, 2017


This week was anther week not so productive with the crochet but with other things.
My husband wanted me to burn daryl on to wood, heres my shot at that.
i also do vinyl work i put daryl on a glass block you can add an light in these blocks too.

I love red birds we have alot of them in our yard.
So i decided to burn an paint an red bird on some wood.

My Aunt wanted me paint her an cowgirl an horse on some wood.

I had anther order for an glass block it came out good.
I think ive kinda lost my crochet mojo an been doing other things.
Maybe it will soon come back.
but other then this week  been but weve been all been sick with Colds.and yesterday my aunt an cousin an I went to see Shack.. all im gonna say lol cause not wanting to spoil it for anyone. this week I will be doing some spring cleaning I think.
I hope everyone has an good week!


  1. I like that glass block and it's so neat how you can burn images on wood. I hope everyone gets better. If you're not feelin' the crochet, that's okay. Sometimes one needs a break from a craft.

  2. Your wood burning is awesome. I have a cold too. AND it is snowing. In MARCH. Here is hoping for Spring for all of us soon, and I hope your mojo returns soon.

  3. Who's Daryl? I must have missed something somewhere? Hope you are all feeling better, I have lost the knitting mojo so I'm crocheting now for awhile...I completely understand. You still get a lot done! My Mother's favorite bird was the cardinal....great job on the wood burning! Have a great week.

  4. Love your wood burning projects, and I absolutely adore the glass blocks. You have had a great production week but sorry to hear you've all been ill.

  5. Hope you are all feeling better. It doesn't look like you would have had enough time for crochet too, those silhouettes are gorgeous. Should I know who Daryl is? Hope you have a great week.

  6. Look how busy you have been, Great projects.