Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mothers Day 2017 At Toccoa falls

On Mothers Day  we went to Toccoa Falls

Its Located In Ga.
On an Campus of Toccoa Falls College. The college is an Christian College..
I loved it here the waterfall was most beautiful waterfall That ive ever been too so far.

Heres the little trail you walk to get to it. it  was about 100 yard path from the gift shop . not an far walk at all.

here somethings you passed along the way on the trail

its so pretty.! I love waterfalls they are so relaxing an peaceful.
when we was there we found out they had an tragedy here back in Nov 6,1977 same year I was born in. They had all the 37 names who all  passed in the tragedy on a wall.
Heres an Link to read more on what happened.

I took an video why we were there

Hope you enjoy it. I loved it!

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