Sunday, June 11, 2017

sorry so short

This was the  only thing I gotten finished this week besides an order i finished didnt think to
take a pic of it.
 an dream catcher
i use size 6 seed beads an ribbons an tullie feathers.

the only other thing ive been working on , i ordered an 5d diamond paint an gotten it the other day
i got this far on it so far where you see the diamonds
its gonna be an tiger once its done. i love tigers an wolfs an dolphins .this project is really easy an addictive but you have to order these from china.  i got this one from an app called wish . but others that does them gets them from ebay an amazon too. 
sorry this is so short im just feeling well today just been really tired today.
hope yall have an good week



  1. Hope you can get some rest underneath your beautiful dream catcher!

  2. Your dream catcher looks like it was fun to make. And I don't know anything about diamond paint. You've made curious to look it up.

  3. The dream catcher is gorgeous and I am looking forward to seeing the tiger.

  4. The dream catcher......breath taking. Looking forward to seeing the tiger.