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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Monkeys are DONE :)

January 15th
I  got DONE with making all the monkeys for 2020
I enjoyed making them for Max.

And also  today (Jan 15th ) is my Grandsons 1st Birthday. I'm so blessed to have him in my life.

I Got me some yarn to make shawls with.. I already have 1 started.
I got the pattern on youtube (Crystal bag o day) pattern#503
Im using Comfly cotton blend

Theres nothing much has been going on in life things.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Little About Max an the monkeys

Last year I was asked to Make Sock monkeys
for an 8yr old boy name Max who was born with a congenital heart defect that almost took him from his parents. He was evacuated to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia where they did immediate heart surgery and saved his life. As a tribute to this, every Feb he donates sock monkeys (his favorite animal) to the Cardiac Center there in thanks. 

So last year I made 26 sock monkeys

This year (2019} I made 41 monkeys

Today is Maxs 10th Birthday and he shared Monkeys to the kids that has CHD CHOP
This means a lot to me... I poor my Heart an Love in these monkeys in every stitch that was made  of these monkeys for these kids to have an smile on there face. 

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Monkeys an more Monkeys an update

Im making 41 monkeys all together.. but heres the 1st 21 that got sent to Max. 
Just got done with #22 last night

#22 monkey just got little taste of snow. we got snow an sleet last night.
for those who doesn't know about Max who im sending these monkeys too.
Max has CHD an they almost lost him when he was an baby. 
so about every Feb Max mom takes monkeys over to the hospital an pass them out to other kids that has CHD. 
I made around  25 monkeys last year for Max.
this pic was looking last year.

This is my 2nd year making monkeys for max. I can Honestly say this from all my heart that Ive really enjoyed every stitch in making these monkeys for him. Ive never met Max are even haven't never talk to him but he has my Heart♥️ And if i could i would give him all my hugs.

The next thing I made was very simple an didn't take very long to make.
But i made these to add into Max monkeys when I sent them off for Max an his family for Christmas.. just an little gift from me.
Candy Cane holder

I had an order for my store to make this tiger beanie
And at the moment I still going strong working on monkeys.
Life updates:
Last Saturday My daughter had an 3 D ultra sound done .
Hes so cute!

My daughter is doing good. Everything is going good so far.
This morning we woke up with some snow

Thats all for now..
So do whatever makes you happy an keep that smile on your face.
Hugs Tasha

Sunday, January 14, 2018

All Done

 Monday~ Max mom emailed me and told me they got the monkeys. loved them!
Max won't let his monkey go and named it little max.
His mom gave me permission to share these pics of max an the monkeys

I made these 3 Super long goth hats for an order

I also made 2 mason jars

I have a youtube channel it's mostly about crafts, crochet, photography some family
if you would like to subscribe to it. here's the link
my youtube channel

Sunday, December 24, 2017

The Monkey Gang!!

Heres some of the Monkey Gang .
I'm not done yet I have 7 more to go as we speak for right now.
making 26 altogether.
These monkeys are for the CHD kids

I made this monkey tonight. I'm calling this one Watermelon Cause it's in the watermelon colors

And I'm still working on monkeys. Coming to the end of the light with them but having fun making them.
I had an order for a long tail hat

I also had an order for an mason jar tissue

I made these snowmen mason jars an filled them with candy for Teacher bus drivers

Don't realize how busy you been until you look back and I can say I've been pretty much
busy in the crafty area. Life things Its been pretty much busy too, getting ready for Christmas.

I'm posting a video photo slideshow of all the things I've done this year 
Begining of the year I will be starting back making videos showing what I make as well post it on here on the blog too.

Heres the picture for the week. Our dag Logan
He's still a puppy but he's the love of my life I have to say.

Hope you enjoy your day.
Have a Safe an Amazing Christmas!!